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Sound is where it started for us.  Flipper began operating sound whilst still at high school.  The equipment was vastly outdated and the mixer amplifier often had to be carried from the school hall at one end of the site to the studio at the other. It weighed a tonne and was very fragile. (The picture at the top is the mixer he had to use.  It needed 10 minutes for the valves to warm up before it even made a noise!)

Over the years, technology has come on a very long way.  Before long, we had our own mixers (which do not need any warm up time and work the instant you switch them on) and we now have two state of the art digital consoles on our fleet as well. (Which, ironically, do need a couple of minutes to boot up before you can use them so sometimes technology takes us backwards again!)

We can now supply anything from a simple microphone and pair of speakers through to a full line array sound system, onstage monitor mix, mics, DIs, radio mics and anything else you might need.

We have even started designing our own products and have a personal monitoring system for pit musicians which gives each person a touchscreen and a pair of headphones allowing them to adjust their own mix whenever they need to.

Not only that, but with the help of a couple of external experts, we have been developing our own line array.  We have tailored a unique DSP system along with our own cabinet/driver combinations and have full computer control of the entire system. Along with some very good monitor speakers and some point source, we are hoping to market our own new brand in the not too distant future.  If you'd like to hear the fruits of our labour, drop us a line and we can arrange a demonstration!

And that old 15w Vortexian with the Bakelite knobs?  We rescued it from the school 18 years after leaving when it was destined to go in a skip.  After a £10 repair, we still have it and it still works to this day. 

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